Diamond Tier

I will sing your song: includes 2 small revisions, 1 harmony, a lightly mixed preview, and HQ raw stems. If you are interested in commercial rights,  please see add-on options below.

** PLEASE NOTE: I am open to modifying my packages, depending on your request(s). If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.

** I do not sign contracts.

I offer the following ad-ons:

  • Lyric writing - $150

  • Original melody - $125

  • Harmony - each $30

  • Commercial rights - $150

Diamond Tier Additions


If you are interested in the Diamond Tier, 
or have questions/concerns,
I'd love to hear from you!

* Can I use your name in the release?

          My name can not be used on any projects - I must remain anonymous on all releases, credits, etc. If you require a name, you can use my stage name Jenna Cogan.

* Will you sign a contract?

         I do not sign contracts

* Do you allow commercial use?

         Yes, I require a separate fee for commercial use.

What is commercial use?

         Commercial Use is when a buyer intends to use the delivered work for anything business-related, intended for profit. If you pay the commercial use fee, all commercial rights will transfer to you.

* Do you write lyrics and melody?

          Yes, I do offer song and melody writing. Message me with your project details.

What genres/vocal styles do you sing in?

          I sing in most vocal styles - EDM, pop, soul, jazz, country, rock, blues, etc.

* Do you mix or master?

          I can provide you with a lightly mixed preview of your song with my vocals, but I do not professionally mix or master.


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