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Based in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter Brooke Stephenson tells stories that draw you in with beautifully compelling lyrics and dynamic melodies. Raised on musicians like Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi, Brooke’s voice and music are like “gumbo”, with one foot rooted in her love of Americana music, she incorporates a mix of country, soul, rock, and blues. Brooke’s storytelling brings songs to life, captivating audiences with powerful vocal performances, and holding their focus through delicate, vulnerable moments.


In 2019, after earning a spot on Kelly Clarkson’s team on NBC’s The Voice Season 17, Brooke worked one-on-one with Clarkson and her chosen advisor Normani, refining her musical palette. Additionally, her background vocal credits include Andy Grammar’s track “I Found You” and Christone “Kingfish” Ingram’s track “Rock & Roll”.


Brooke has spent the past year performing at some of LA’s most prominent songwriter venues, and writing songs for her debut Americana EP “Backbone”. This record will be released in winter of 2020, and will include 7 songs produced by John Spiker (Tenacious D). “Backbone” is a body of work incorporating American roots influences, and detailing the curious mind of a 20-something year old, trying to navigate through life, while humbly clinging to her roots.


Backbone EP

Winter 2020

1. Cry To Me

2. Backbone

3. Casanova

4. State That I'm In

5. That Kind of Love

6. The Medicine

7. When I Get Around to Living

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‘Backbone’ opens with a blast of electrifying energy that continues until the song’s closing notes.  With fiddle and slide guitar sprinkled through, Brooke’s core message of resilience is delivered with a conviction that is impossible to ignore. This is the type of song that will make you want to get up and dance, then call a friend to say “I love you.”  With the world turned upside down, songs of hope are more important than ever.

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'That Kind of Love' is a piano-driven track, with a gospel choir and organ that takes us to church, Stephenson's smooth yet powerful vocals urge the listener to live life on their own terms.

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Release Date: Friday, August 7th


'Casanova' is a pedal steel laden ode to love and betrayal, showing Brooke's gift for finding beauty amidst heartbreak.

“You were somebody’s baby, and yet I gave you all of my years,” she sings in a memorable hook.  While she sounds weary and resigned at times, her voice is kept steady by a sense of strength and purpose.  As the tragedies mount, Brooke’s uplifting sense of melody keeps this fragile ballad focused on reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.  The end result is a cathartic experience sure to touch the hearts of anyone who is reeling from loss.


“Brooke is such a storyteller.

[She has] this gifted vocal ability at just bringing people in.”

- Kelly Clarkson

on NBC’s The Voice

"A timeless country

music voice"

-Ear to the Ground,

Greg Jones

“[Brooke’s] voice is soothing, inviting, calm. [She’s] able to use [her] heart with [her] voice. It’s magical.”

- Gwen Stefani

on NBC’s The Voice

"Taking inspiration from the musicians she cut her teeth on, Stephenson captures moments in lyrics and portrays deep longing in the richness of her voice."


- Music Mecca, Elizabeth Ring







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